What is Unswag

What is Unswag

SWAG has become a well known acronym in IT professional circles. SWAG, known as 'Stuff We All Get', reminds us of how none of us need another stress-relief ball or company-branded pen. As we began to look at the role of the Cloudegy community, we realized that we had a duty to help support our community in need, not just the community that attended our events.

Instead of buying bags of Cloudegy pens, mugs, notepads and stress-relief balls, we've decided to allocate our SWAG budget to something a bit more meaningful. We call it UnSWAG.

At every event, we'll be supporting one or more organizations that have proven to do a fine job of supporting people in need in our community.

So although you won't walk away with self-promoting notepads and stress-balls, you'll walk away with an understanding that as a member of the Cloudegy community you are supporting good causes and joining together to solve real problems.

Now that you know about UnSWAG, why don't you check out one of our upcoming events?